PTO Generators

  • Winco 50 kw
  • Winco 10 kw
  • Winco 10o kw

PTO generators give you all the power you need at a lower price, as your tractor acts as the engine. They make excellent standby power sources and are portable so you can take them where you need them.

Countryman brings you only top quality and reliable generators from Sommers Generators and Briggs & Stratton. Our 45+ years experience, combined with Sommers 80+ years assures you we have wide experience in providing you the right solution with knowledgeable support.

  • 10 kW to 165 kW
  • 120/240V 1ph, 120/208V 3ph, 120/240V 3ph & 347/600V 3ph

  • Farm/Agri
  • Residences
  • Off Grid Installations

Trailer, PTO shafts and accessories also available. We also service many other brands of PTO generators.