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  • Signature Series 347/600V 3PH Diesel Generator Family

Signature Series 347/600V 3PH Diesel Generator Family

Sommers Generator offers a full line of Diesel Generator Systems that are specifically designed for any application. With Canada’s largest privately owned inventory of diesel generator systems from 20Kw – 2100Kw in this family, we ensure prompt deliveries.

Built with the customer in mind, we only use quality time tested components, each of our systems are full load tested and adhere to strict quality control measures prior to shipping. Supplying Standby and Prime Power systems for all applications.

Available in Open & Silent Configurations

Model Engine kWE
DPWA(S)20E Perkins 404D-22G 20
DPWA(S)28E Perkins 404D-11G 28
DPWA(S)30E Perkins 1103D-33G2 30
DPWA(S)50E Perkins 1130C-33TG2G 50
DPWA(S)55E Perkins 1104D-44TG1 55
DPWA(S)60E Perkins 1104C-44TG2 60
DPWA(S)80E Perkins 1104D-EE44TAG2 80
DPWA(S)100E Perkins 1104D-E44TAG2 (EUII) 100
DPWA(S)100E Perkins 1104D-E44TAG2 (EUIII) 100
DPWA(S)120E Volvo TAD 532GE 120
DPWA(S)135E Volvo TAD 750GE 135
DPWA(S)150E Volvo TAD 731GE (T2) 150
DPWA(S)150E Volvo TAD 731GE (T3) 150
DPWA(S)180E Volvo TAD 732GE (T2) 180
DPWA(S)180E Volvo TAD 752GE (T3) 180
DPWA(S)200E Volvo TAD 733GE (T2) 200
DPWA(S)200E Volvo TAD 753GE (T3) 200
DPWA(S)230E Volvo TAD 734GE (T2) 230
DPWA(S)230E Volvo TAD 754GE (T3) 230
DPWA(S)250E MTU 6R 1600 G10/70S (T3) 250
DPWA(S)300E MTU 6R 1600 G20/80S (T3) 300
DPWA(S)360E MTU 8V 1600 G10/70S (T3) 360
DPWA(S)400E MTU 8V 1600 G20/80S (T3) 400
DPWA(S)450E MTU 10V 1600 G10/70S (T3) 360
DPWA(S)500E MTU 10V 1600 G20/80S (T3) 500
DPWA(S)550E MTU 12V 1600 G10/70S (T2) 550
DPWA(S)600E MTU 12V 1600 G20/80S (T2) 600
DPWA(S)700E MTU 12V 2000 G45 (T2) 700
DPWA(S)800E MTU 12V 2000 G85 (T2) 800
DPWA(S)900E MTU 16V 2000 G45 (T2) 900
DPWA(S)1000E MTU 16V 2000 G85 (T2) 1000
DPWA(S)1150E MTU 18V 2000 G85 (T2) 1150
DPWA(S)1250E MTU 12V 4000 G41R (T2) 1250
DPWA(S)1250E MTU 12V 4000 G41R (T2) 1250
DPWA(S)1600E MTU 12V 4000 G43 (T2) 1600
DPWA(S)1800E MTU 12V 4000 G83 (T2) 1800
DPWA(S)2100E MTU 18V 4000 G43 (T2) 2100

Standard Features

  • Engine and Generator assembled on a common steel frame
  • Leroy Somer alternators with AREP excitation system
  • Water jacket engine heater
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Hospital grade silencer
  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Sommers GEN-V CSA 282-09 Compliant control panel
  • Factory full load tested
  • CSA approved


  • Housing
  • Double wall sub base fuel tanks
  • Remote Display
  • Remote Annunciator
  • Fire Valves
  • Remote E-Stop
  • PMG
  • Anti Condensation Heater