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The WINCO HPS9000VE tri-fuel generator is a great value by combining great components and excellent electrical performance. The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard is commercial grade and designed to hold up under the most demanding conditions. The V-twin 480cc engine design provides smoother power than single cylinder engines. This generator produces 8000 watts of power and at less than 5% total harmonic distortion is safe for sensitive loads like furnaces, TV's and computers.

UPDATE: WINCO has received confirmation from the EPA that the HPS6000HE will not be certified as an EPA-approved tri-fuel generator.  It is EPA certified to be sold as a bi-fuel running on gasoline and natural gas.  The HPS9000VE and HPS12000HE will be sold as EPA-approved tri-fuels.  We will be manufacturing the HPS6 first, then the HPS9, and finally the HPS12.  Thank you for your patience. 



WINCO HOME POWER portable generators are versatile to fit a variety of needs. The fuel you choose for your portable generator may be the difference between having power or not. Whether you need a generator to power your cabin on the weekend or to keep your furnace and sump pump running during a utility failure a WINCO HOME POWER generator is an ideal portable power solution.

Many aftermarket LP gas or natural gas conversions do not legally meet EPA emissions requirements. WINCO has tested and certified the Home Power HPS9000VE and HPS12000HE for operation on gasoline, LP gas, and natural gas. WINCO's two tri-fuels have passed application reviews from Honda and Briggs & Stratton engineers allowing us to offer the 3-year engine warranties.

When disaster strikes gasoline can be difficult to get because roads are impassable, gas stations are without power or supplies have become depleted. Gasoline is also difficult to store in large quantities because it goes stale relatively quickly, varnishes and attracts water, leaving a generator inoperable without repairs. The WINCO HOME POWER generators solve this problem by operating on the common vapor fuels. Natural Gas and Liquid Propane are usually available in large quantities even in the midst of an unforeseen disaster

Switching between fuels is very easy with WINCO generators. To operate on vapor fuels you simply turn off the gasoline fuel line, connect the proper t-valve fitting for the selected fuel and then connect the main fuel supply. After you start the engine it is capable of providing hours of uninterrupted power from an adequate fuel supply.

Max Power Rating 9000
Cont. Power Rating 8000
Voltage 120/240 Volt 1 PH
Cont. Current Rating 66.7/33.3 amps
Motor Starting Ability (Code G) 4 hp
Engine Make/Model B&S Vanguard
Displacement/Type 480 cc/OHV
Cylinder Sleeves Cast Iron
Conserv-R Automatic Idle Control N/A
Fuel Type Gasoline
Natural Gas
LP Gas
Starting System Recoil/Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity 7 gal
Low Oil Protection Standard
Running Time-Full Load 5.4 hrs
Running Time-Half Load 7 hrs
Hour Meter N/A
120 Volt Receptacles 4x20A NEMA 5-20
240 Volt Receptacles None
120/240 Volt Receptacles 1x30A Locking NEMA L14-30
Switchless Full Power N/A
Dimensions 32x22x22 in
Shipping Weight 274 lbs
Warranty (Generator/Engine) Consumer 2 yrs/3 yrs
DB Rating @ 7 Meters 77 dba
CSA Approved Yes
CARB Approved No
Country Of Origin USA